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At EHP Children's Homes (Consultancy)  We provide a comprehensive set of policies and other documentation. We do not offer ‘templates’ or ‘guidance’ for you to write your own policies, but ‘tried and tested’ versions you can personalise for your own service. Such documents are appropriate:


  • If you only want to purchase policies for Ofsted Registration and do not need support through the process

  • If you are transitioning from a non-regulated service to an Ofsted regulated one

  • If you require post-Registration/pre-Ofsted inspection policies


For your convenience, we offer:


Bundle 1: a full set of draft policies (x9) required to meet Ofsted Registration requirements. These include: Behaviour management (including restraint)/ Complaints/Equalities/Location risk assessments/ Missing Child/Prevention of bullying/Safeguarding/Statement of Purpose/Young person’s guide.


Bundle 2: a set of (x14) ‘start-up’ polices required for post-Registration. These include: Accident and Incident policy/Audit tool (Governance and Quality)/Business continuity/CCTV/Delegated authority decision (support tool) for managers/Dynamic development plan for managers/E-Safety/Induction checklist/Induction guidance/Infection control/Lone working policy/Safe Handling of medication policy/Safer recruitment & selection/Self-harm and suicide policy


Staff Handbook* (Code of Practice) is a ‘directory’ for operational practice for all staff (covering over 70 different subjects). It enables you to link operational practice to policy and vice versa. It has proved to be an essential document in preparation for your first placement (and income generation), first Ofsted inspection, induction, etc. See Services: Mentorship and Oversight model for content.

*Note that as the Handbook makes references to all documentation contained in Bundles 1&2, it is advised such policies are in place prior to your first Ofsted inspection.


If after purchasing our products  you wish to access consultancy support, this can be negotiated on a daily rate.


Please contact EHP Children’s Homes (Consultancy) for full  costings.

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