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How to Set Up Open A Children's Residential Home UK

How to Set Up A Children's Home In The UK 

Portfolio for legislative and regulatory compliance, commercial knowledge, operational and strategic
governance & management in children's social care UK.


We provide you with step-by-step specialist consultancy support through the registration process for opening a
new residential children's home. 

We support you with post-registration operational policies and procedures so you are ready for your first Ofsted inspection.


We offer
strategy-based corporate and operating level consultancy work relative to children and young people’s residential accommodation

Registration of Children's Residential Homes In The UK

Supporting you with Children's Home Regulations 
Support with the roles of Governance and Management
Advice and Guidance for Private Equity funding
Registration of Previously Unregulated Care and Support
How to Set Up Open A Children's Residential Home UK
New Homes

EHP Children's Homes (Consultancy)  has a proven track record of opening children’s homes that have the infrastructure and practice to maintain the highest of standards. While the emphasis at the early stage is on establishing the home as a sustainable and profitable business, we know that the motivation for providers is to deliver great outcomes for the children and young people themselves. 

At EHP we fully understand the commitment the new provider is making. We offer reassurance we can successfully guide them, step-by-step, through the full process using our tried and tested '10 stages of commissioning' framework. 
How to Set Up Open A Children's Residential Home UK
Support for Governance and Management

After successful registration, there will of course be new challenges. For example, the period of time for the children or young people to feel settled, the cycle of development for the staff team, etc.
EHP Children's Homes (Consultancy) , we believe there is no point in successfully completing the registration process only to encounter problems at a later stage that either affects the business model or the quality of provision. 

We offer experienced support, advice, and guidance for providers and management through supervision and mentorship
How to Set Up Open A Children's Residential Home UK

EHP Children's Homes (Consultancy) can help with the implementation of Ofsted inspection requirements, including requirements for improvement

Offer support with the implementation of recommendations  from Regulation 44 Children's Home visits.

Help with Ofsted complaints and appeals procedures 

Pre-inspection audits 


Full placement model review with recommendations to maximise income and sustainability

How to Set Up Open A Children's Residential Home UK
Property Acquisition

Private equity investment in children’s homes continues to be a profitable investment. However, EHP Children’s Homes Consultancy understand the issues that need to be addressed in the delivery of social responsibility regarding such investment. Therefore, we offer advice and guidance on the purchasing of property relative to concerns regarding contingency planning that include financial provision, structure, reserves and profit margins.


Most importantly, we consider the essential relationship with the service provider – where emphasis is placed on the quality of provision and good outcomes for children/young people

How to Set Up Open A Children's Residential Home UK
The New Regulated Marketplace 

Government reforms mean that by 2023/24, residential settings that deliver care and accommodation entirely or mainly for children must register as a children’s home where the existing Ofsted requirements would apply, i.e. the Social Care Common Inspection Framework and Quality Standards. For those settings which are delivering support, as opposed to care, providers will need to engage with new mandatory National Standards and also register with Ofsted as offering supported accommodation for young people.


EHP Children’s Homes Consultancy can support you through the process in the conversion of an  unregulated home to an Ofsted regulated children’s home or supported accommodation for young people.


At EHP Children’s Homes Consultancy we believe a good consultant is continually scanning the horizon for developments across the children’s health and social care sector to future proof its advice and guidance.

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